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About Us

Vision & Mission

The Gender Equality Center (GEC) at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) works to support university members to create an environment in which male and female faculty, staff, and students can express their full potential in an environment of mutual respect. Actions are implemented based on Tokyo Tech's Policy for Gender Equality.


  • Formulating and implementing policies relating to the promotion of gender equality
  • Carrying out surveys and analysis of the current state of gender equality
  • Education and dissemination of information relating to gender equality
  • Providing advice and consultation services on issues relating to gender equality
  • Other activities relating to gender equality

    Policy for Gender Equality

    Tokyo Institute of Technology strongly promotes a gender equality where men and women respect each other's personality, and can fully develop their own ability, in order to be “the top national university of science and technology”.


    Basic Guidelines for Promoting Gender Equality

    A Shift in Consciousness
    To create an environment in which male and female faculty, staff, and students can all fully develop their talents and personalities, we will use every opportunity to build and cultivate awareness of gender equality issues.


    Environment and Equipment Services
    In order to improve the work-life balance of faculty, staff, and students we will make efforts to provide a flexible system, user-friendly advice services, and to improve both “hard” infrastructure and “soft” aspects of the academic environment necessary to provide a pleasant campus environment.


    Securing Equal Opportunities
    In order to increase the academic and institutional strength of the university by means of energetic and diverse human resources, we will work to ensure equal opportunities for both sexes in terms of employment, promotion, and participation in the decision-making process.


    Training Young Talent
    We will be proactive in communicating the appeal of science and technology to a wide audience, contributing to the development of the young academics and students who will provide the backbone of science and technology in the future, and helping to bring about a society in which men and women can participate equally.

    Gender Equality Center in Tokyo Insutitute of Technology; GEC


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