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Tokyo Tech Job Information Mail Service for Female Researchers

This email delivery service is operated by the Gender Equality Center (GEC) of Tokyo Institute of Technology for the purpose of increasing employment opportunities for female researchers by providing information on available teaching and research faculty positions at the Institute. Please take advantage of this service.

Who Can Use the Service?

Female researchers who are interested in working at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
(Students must be enrolled in a doctoral program at the time of registration for this service.)

Before Using the Service

Please read the Terms and Conditions. Registering for this service implies that you have agreed to all items in the Terms and Conditions.

How to Register/Change/Delete Your Email Address:

1) Please send an email to mandw (at) jim.titech.ac.jp (please replace (at) with @) :

[Subject line]   Tokyo Tech Job Information Mail Service

[Body]  I would like to register/change/delete my address.

  (For new registration)            Your email address to be registered

  (For change of registered information)  Your former email address and new email address

  (For deletion of registered information) Your email address to be deleted

Please set your email program to allow you to receive emails from “@jim.titech.ac.jp” if you are using filtering software.



2) You should receive a confirmation email from the GEC within three working days after sending your request for action (registration, change or deletion). If you do not receive a confirmation email within this time frame, please contact the GEC.



This service requires that you renew your registration annually. Once a year the GEC will send an email to this effect and if you are interested in continuing to receive job announcements, you should follow the renewal instructions therein.


Please contact:
Gender Equality Center (GEC)
Tokyo Institute of Technology
e-mail: mandw(at)*jim.titech.ac.jp  *please replace (at) with @

Tokyo Institute of Technology Gender Equality Center


Tokyo Institute of Technology