Financial support for hiring a substitute lecturer to cover faculty on maternity, childcare or family care leave

Financial support is provided to departments in need of hiring a substitute lecturer for a faculty member planning to take maternity, childcare or family care leave.

1. Summary

Support period

Covers the leave of absence and is available for a maximum of the duration of the course.

Applicable lectures

Courses approved for graduate and undergraduate credits


We accept requests based on necessity. Please contact the designated administration office as soon as possible.

2. Application requirements and forms (intranet)

Application requirements as of July 2020 (Japanese)
Application form as of July 2020 (Japanese)
Report as of July 2020 (Japanese)

Application requirements, guides, forms can be viewed on “internal only” pages. To access “internal only” pages from off campus, go to Tokyo Tech Portal and get access to the Tokyo Institute of Technology network over an SSL-VPN. For further information, please click here .

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