Family-Friendly Workplace


To contribute to a family-friendly workplace that supports employees with childcare and family care needs, Tokyo Tech has created an original logo to serve as a symbol of Tokyo Tech Childcare Support and its efforts in encouraging everyone to finish meetings by 17:15.

Original logo for Tokyo Tech Childcare Support


Tokyo Tech has designed an original logo featuring emperor penguins, which is being used in posters and flyers as a symbol of the promotion of a family-friendly workplace on campus.

Why emperor penguins?

The logo, showing a baby emperor penguin and its parent to represent parents raising their children, was inspired by this particular, real-life species of penguins whose dedicated parenting involves both mother and father working together to raise their chicks.

Work-Life Balance Support Poster “Finish Meetings by 17:15”


This poster promotes a work-life balance as well as increases awareness of the necessity of supporting those who are raising children or caring for family members. It is our hope that these adorable penguins on the logo – also seen on webpages, keychains, and elsewhere – will serve as a reminder to everyone of the importance of maintaining this balance in their own lives, and to encourage others to do the same.

Tips for creating a family-friendly workplace


Help is available on and off campus to those raising children or caring for family members, as well as their bosses and co-workers, who are in need of support or information.

Useful advice can be found in the leaflet, Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Workplace.

How to get posters and materials

Poster (A2 size) Let us know if you need the “Finish Meetings by 17:15” poster for meeting rooms or offices. When making this request, please include information on where you plan to put up the poster(s) as well as your affiliation, name, contact details, mailbox no., etc.
Tips Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Workplace


Gender Equality Section, Diversity Promotion Office
Email: mandw(at) (replace (at) with @)

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